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            Keep our Ideology and Restrategize for 2014

            How well do you think we are conducting the election campaign?

            Keep our Ideology and Restrategize for 2014

            Postby Karthik on Sun May 17, 2009 9:34 am

            We need to bring in more scientific methodology to anlayze our defeats, there are few points i wanted to bring up front for our defeat.

            Urban: there has been a large number of Rural people who have migrated to urban centers in the last 10-12 years,the demography has changed in urban centers drastically, we need to take this into consideration and present candidates accordingly, our defeat in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkatta is because of this.

            Middle Class: even though India has more than 35 % middle class which form their core support base and sympathizers, we always miss to moblize them, we need to bring in the motivation to bring them to the polling booths, before the next election in 2014 , we need to bring in this chord, need to create a mass movement and asking our leaders and party caders to establish regular and binding interactions with this support base. We need take a state like TN which is going to have elections in a year and try this systematically. our target should be to concentrate on a region in tamil nadu which has more than 60/70 % middle class voters and bring in this synergy, even if we win 2-3 seats on our own, it is going to provide a good base in the future to expand, we do not have to depend on the regional parties, unless we take south seriously and grow here we cannot dream to be in power in the center in next election.

            Media: We have always cribbed about partial Indian Media against us, but what have we done to counter this? we should have brought a BJP supportive Channel or should have helped a mainstream media house to align with us in these 5 years with whatever they expect, i know we have some principles, but politics cannot be won only on principles, we need to play politics as well, for us to be in this country's politics. at least we should consciously bring a media channel on our own mainly in english and hindi language and align with local media houses within next 6 months.

            There are more, i know we have better brains at Delhi who is aware of these pain points and hope they address all of them so that we come back as Lord Krishna says,
            Adharma will conquer Dharma for a while, but Dharma will prevail over Adharma at last.

            This is one the sadest day in my life, i was not even this sad when we lost in 2004, i always wanted to see Advani ji as a PM, who has always spent his life for this country and worked hard from behind. who deserved this position much better than Singh\Ghandi Clan.
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            Re: Keep our Ideology and Restrategize for 2014

            Postby vdoddapa on Sun May 17, 2009 9:37 pm

            Before 2014, there comes UP elections in 2012, Its more important... how come BJP target Delhi with minimal control in UP.

            Unless we revive in UP claiming Delhi is foolish.
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            Re: Keep our Ideology and Restrategize for 2014

            Postby muralikrishnan on Mon May 18, 2009 8:21 am

            Karthik wrote:This is one the sadest day in my life, i was not even this sad when we lost in 2004

            Dear Karthik,

            Its your case.

            But my case is
            "I wont be sad even if i will be in the verge of death but on 16-May i was!!!"

            Still its time for us to come forward and to work for our nation and party.

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            Re: Keep our Ideology and Restrategize for 2014

            Postby msawhney on Mon May 18, 2009 12:01 pm

            Bringing voters to polling both is one issue...but before that the BJP volunteers must make sure that known BJP supporters have their names in the voters list and also their Voter I-Cards. This should be done when the exercise for registering voters starts. Many times people are left out because of various reasons.
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