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            BJP should Introspect & 'Exorcise' itself !

            Good governance, development and security are the main planks on which we plan to compete. Help us to draft our agenda within this framework.

            BJP should Introspect & 'Exorcise' itself !

            Postby kash225 on Sun May 17, 2009 1:39 pm

            Is it necessary for the LoP to be from BJP only ? It is better if it is some one from CPM who is really & bitterley opposed to Cong. & all its baggage that it stands for. Only CPM can really unmask the 'real' Cong, , the 'Communal'/Casteist & Rightist. BJP will be fooling itself & wasting time as 'Leader' of opposition. It failed in last 5 years also & nothing will change in next 5 years. In fact , it suits Cong. if BJP leads as opposition leader. Cong. will keep on clouding BJP with its 'communal rhetoric' , 'Kandahar' etc. & in the process 'Blunt' the CPM too. Cong. is the real Rightist party. It is time to expose it now. And only an honest CPM can do that job. In BJP even Modi & Varun should retreat in background in larger interest of BJP in its long term interest. Let CPM Confront the Cong. Prakash Karrat or some one like him would be the ideal LoP in today's Lok Sabha.CPM should save India at this crucial juncture.
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