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CLARIFICATION By Sudheendra Kulkarni
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By Sudheendra Kulkarni   Sunday, 10 May 2009
A misleading impression has been created by erroneous news reports about my statement, in the course of a TV debate on Friday, that the BJP does not consider the Congress party to be “political untouchable”. It has been reported in section of the press today that I advocated the BJP and Congress working together to form a stable government. This is completely untrue and preposterous.

Participating in NDTV’s ‘Big Fight’ debate, I had said that the so-called “secular unity” mooted by the Congress and Left parties is nothing but an opportunistic ploy to isolate the BJP. The Congress-communist combine has used this bogus concept as an ideological justification to preach and practice political untouchability towards the BJP. They did so in 1996 when, despite the BJP having emerged as the largest single party in the Lok Sabha with 162 seats, other parties were mobilized on the plank of “secularism” to form two United Front governments propped up by the Congress, which destabilized both in quick succession.

I said that the BJP does not believe in practicing political untouchability, and quoted Shri L.K. Advani’s oft-repeated affirmation — “If untouchability is wrong in the social sphere, it is equally wrong in the political sphere.” The anchor asked me if the BJP considered the Congress to be untouchable. My answer was “No”. When he questioned me if the BJP would work together with the Congress, my response was: “Yes, if the nation’s interests demand so at some time in the future.”

Congress is the BJP’s principal adversary in the elections to the 15th Lok Sabha. Along with our allies in the NDA, we have campaigned vigorously for the defeat of the Congress. We are confident that the people will give a decisive mandate for change and in favour of a BJP-led NDA government. As such, the question of the BJP and Congress working together in the post-May 16 scenario is simply unthinkable.

The BJP has grown in strength by consistently fighting the anti-people, corrupt and dynasty-controlled Congress party. We have succeeded in transforming India’s polity into an essentially bi-polar system by ending the Congress’ single-party domination. More and more sections of the Indian society have supported us, and an increasing number of political parties have allied with the BJP, in spite of the Congress-communist combine’s ceaseless demonisation of the BJP as a “communal party”. Clearly, the Congress-communist combine’s stratagem of isolating the BJP has resulted in their own growing isolation.

Any future possibility of the BJP and Congress working together in the nation’s interests hinges on the Congress party eschewing its attitude of “political untouchability” towards the BJP.


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